Company Registered Year:2013


No. of Employees : 11-50 People

Seller Categories: 3D World, Agriculture, Beauty Products, Clothing, Food & Beverage, Food Catering, Garage Equipment, Garment Accessories, Headphones, Health, Herbal Products, Home & Garden, Home Appliance, Home Audio,, Industrial Materials Suppliers, Industrial Tools & Supplies, School Supplies, Scientific Instruments, Scooter, Sewing Thread, Shopping, Brushes, Cosmetics Ayurveda & Herbal, Essential & Aromatic Oils, Fashion Jewelery, Herbal Products, Kids & Babies Products, Natural Henna & Plant Based, Optical Lenses, Perfume, Salon Equipment & Spa, Tattoos, Accessories & Shoe Parts, Accessories For Animals, Apparel & Textile Accessories, Apparel & Textile Machinery, Athletic Wear, Badges & Emblems, Barcodes, Stickers & Labels, Clothing Of Cotton & Other Fabrics, Cotton, Jute & Tote Bags, Embroidered Clothing & Apparel, Evening Clothes, Fashion & Designer Bags, Fashion & Leather Belts, Gloves & Mittens, Industrial Clothing & Security, Kids & Babies Products, Kids Apparel & Clothings, Ladies Apparel & Clothings, Agri-food Products, Bakery Products & Confectionery, Cereals & Grains, Chewing-gum, Coffee & Tea, Comptoir Of The Seeds, Dried Flower & Potpourri, Fish & Seafood, Flavors & Aromatics, Food Coloring Products, Fruits & Nuts, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry Products, Milk & Dairy Products, Mineral Water, Juice & Soft Drinks, Pet Supplies, Pickles, Jams & Ketchups, Processed Foods & Snacks, Spices, Tobacco Products, Automotive Compressor, Automotive Software, Car Lift Bridge, Garage Carts, Heavy Machinery, Servant Workshop, Tire Tools, Baby Health, Dental Health, Health Care And Health Insurance, Nutrition, Psychology, Ayurvedic & Plant Based Products, Essential & Aromatic Oils, Food Supplements, General Health Products, Health Care Products, Herb Extracts - Suppliers & Manufacturer, Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies, Natural Henna & Plant Based, Natural Herbs, Raw Materials Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Health Products, Aquarium Supplies, Artificial Candles & Decorative, Artificial Plants & Foliage, Chandeliers & Candelabra, Chandeliers & Wall Lights, Coasters & Towel Rings, DIY, Flower Pots & Vases, Dried Flower & Potpourri, Fireplaces & Accessories, Fresh Flowers, Plants & Trees, Garden Fountains & Jets, Garden Furniture, Garden Planters, Pots & Urns, Garden Tools, Hammocks & Accessories, Handles, Photo Frames, Table Lamps & Shades, Household Appliances Suppliers, Large Home Appliances, Small Appliance, Spare Parts Household Appliances, TV, Sound & Multimedia, Wedding List, Industrial & Raw Materials Suppliers, Raw & Chemical Materials Suppliers, Air Condition, Assembly Machines, Dyes & Chemicals, Electrical Power Tools, Electronic Assembly Machines, Equipment For The Food Industry, Equipment For Thermal Treatment, Hand Tools, Industrial Dosing System, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Machinery Manufacturer, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Pumps, Industrial Sewing Machines, Machine For Printing & Publishing, Machinery Peripheral Equipment, Machines-Tools, Manufacturing Machine, Measurement & Analysis Equipment, Metal Detector-Ejector System, Modular Piping, Painting & Related Cladding, Plastic Machinery, Pneumatic Tools, Power Tools & Accessories, Process Control Equipment, Production Equipment, Production Machines, Pumping Equipment, Special Machines, Specific Tools By Profession, Stationary Tools, Surface Treatment, Textile Machinery, Tool Storage, Desk Lights Products, Office Furniture, Presentation Tables, Reference Books & Study Material, School Suppliers, School Supplies & School List, Analyzers & Analytical Instruments, Equipment & Test Machines, Instruments & Scientific Devices, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Measurement Scales, Measuring & Control Instruments, Measuring Instruments, Microscope Manufacturers, Nautical Equipment, Pollution Control Equipment, Sensors & Transducers, Sterilizers & Medical Autoclaves, Hi-fi TV Video, Man Fashion

Type Basic

Supplier From: Ghana


Tel-Mobile: 2334555556

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