Training Center


Understand International Buyers

    1. The importance of sourcing channels to buyers

    2. Why online trading platform is the most important

    3. Top 7 factors that buyers care about



Why Buy & Sell Online

    1. Why Choose Online Channel

    2. Tips for Suppliers

    3. Tips for Buyers


GlobalSmartGate Account Setup and Maintain

    1. Guide of

    2. Guide of My globalsmartgate platform

    3. How to use My globalsmartgate


Setting Company Profile

    1. Importance of Completing Company Profile

    2. How to Manage Company Profile

    3. Notices and Tips.


How to Post a Product on


    A step-by-step guide shows you how to upload a product onto


Improve Product Search Ranking

    1. How to post a high quality product?

    2. How to get higher ranking for your products